Manage financial

instruments effectively

Opt for optimizing your financial portfolio and efficient handling of a wide range of capital market instruments, including:

shares and rights to shares
treasury and commercial bonds
investment fund
investment certificates
treasury bills
promissory notes and currencies
participation units


effectiveness confirmed by quality

Portfolio management requires proven and modern investment tools. See what you gain with PROMAK PORTFOLIO


It allows investment in a wide variety of financial instruments


It supports bulk order generation process for all portfolios.


It works with other systems such as broker or depository systems.


It accelerates the implementation of the investment portfolio management process.


It provides the highest level of security for transactions.


It settles transactions concluded on instruments in a multitude of currencies.

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The system supports companies and institutions engaged in investment activities based on their own or entrusted assets for management.

Due to its wide range of functions, it is intended for mutual fund and insurance companies, brokerage departments, universal pension companies and other financial companies and institutions.

It makes it possible to keep full records of clients’ portfolios and all operations carried out (for both cash and securities).

It performs tasks related to the recording of transactions made, their control and settlement.

Gain full control over your investments

PROMAK PORTFOLIO provides comprehensive tools for asset management, in-depth portfolio analysis and investment process support. It also enables:

creating investment strategies and portfolios compatible with them,

control of user-defined investment limits,

valuation of portfolios, including according to user-defined methods,

portfolio profitability analysis and their comparison.

Build a strong investment


PROMAK PORTFOLIO allows institutions to handle investment portfolios comprehensively in a flexible, efficient and reliable manner. Explore the functionalities of the system.

Strategy support

Defining any number of investment strategies operated according to specific guidelines in a manner aimed at achieving a set investment goal.

Creation of model strategies for investment portfolios.

Dynamic management of the content structure of portfolios based on their market prices.

Orders and transactions

Automatic handling of order generation process for all portfolios within a specific strategy.

Defining an order execution method that ensures optimal alignment of the portfolio structure with the model strategy.

Creation of synthetic orders, submission of instructions using deferred payment and determination of aggregation and execution.

Control of asset limits

Handling various types of exposure limits resulting from investment policies and legal restrictions.

Defining exposure limits for all portfolios handled in the system at the client and strategy level and globally.

Control of exposure limits is an integral part of the automated processes of mass and manual order handling at the pre- and post-trade stages.

Fee management

Adjustment of fees to varying requirements of clients, i.e., the ability to define fees charged on the total value of assets under management, as well as on incremental value.

Calculation of fees in advance or in arrears, definition of billing periods, threshold values, dependent on portfolio return.

Determination of the method of collection of fees, including their deferral, division into installments and partial or full cancellation.

VAT calculation.

Determining the return on a portfolio

Management of evaluation of investment performance, allowing the comparison of the achieved return on the portfolio to the adopted benchmark, including:

inflation rate,

stock index,

financial instrument price,

interest rate.

Defining individual benchmarks based on standard or calculated indicators. Information functions.

Information functions

Reporting valuation of portfolios on the basis of market rates, accrual method and according to purchase prices with the possibility of determining the outgo method.

Access to an advanced report definition and generation module offering access to more than 400 ready-to-use documents.

Creation and modification of reports in txt, html and MS Office file formats.

Compliance with GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards). Cash flow.

Cash flow

Record of information on current and planned cash-flow for the selected portfolio for each day.

Review of cash-flow statement, including:

interest payments in subsequent interest periods,

proceeds resulting from instrument payment operations.

Obtaining consistent information on transactions automatically added to the account balance.

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