comprehensive management

of clients’ assets.

Get comprehensive support at every stage of client service — from service sales, order processing to document processing. Check out what other benefits PROMAK FD offers.


It provides full knowledge about clients, and ensures reliable and efficient execution of orders.


It provides immediate and complete information on the investment portfolio.


It supports customer communication by providing online data in a clear and attractive graphic form.


It provides automation of client service activities with a customized advisor schedule.


It facilitates the organization of the work of each advisor, systematizing and supervising the implementation of individual tasks.

Access 24/7

It allows constant access to information about clients’ assets from any device connected to the Internet.

New quality
of client wealth management

PROMAK FD improves communication and delivery of investment advisory and Wealth Management services. Check out what else PROMAK FD provides.

Controlling and maintaining the required level of compliance.

Performance analysis based on GIPS standards.

Integration with existing IT solutions, such as back office.

An open and responsive architecture.

Report generation available 24/7.

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advisor essentials

The system was built from scratch in close cooperation with the best experts in the field of Wealth Management with excellent knowledge of the conditions and specifics of the capital market. Learn about the features of PROMAK FD.

Information management

Client service — recording data, contracts and assets, updating them and generating documents.

Client information records — complete classification according to various criteria and profiles, including MiFID compliance.

Immediate selection of investment proposals, best correlated with the client's profile.

Review of all documents and contracts concluded with the client.

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Simulation of client investments

Simulation of investment activity by expanding the scale of investments or modifying them.

Interactive presentation of results according to, among others: return rate, investment period, risk level or amount of deposits and withdrawals.

Forecast best-fit strategies with predicted investment value.

Updating the estimate by changing the value of the input parameter.

Comparison of strategy profitability with benchmarks or alternative proposals for a specified amount and investment period.

Presentation of the share of each asset category in the selected investment strategy.

Asset analysis and client portfolio structure

Graphical visualization of valuation assets and portfolio profitability.

Presentation of clients’ investment status, including the valuation status and structure of all top-down portfolios, transaction history, as well as a statement of commissions and fees.

Presenting indicators of how clients’ portfolios match any investment strategy or benchmark.

Documenting investment methods based on the history of completed transactions.

Creation of statements showing the costs incurred by the client.

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Investment service and advisor support

Support in handling investment strategies, recommendations and client orders.

Indicating orders for execution, while being able to place other orders.

Handling the receipt of orders, their authorization with clients’ signatures and automatic referral for execution.

Providing clients with documents confirming the order or sending them to the indicated e-mail address.

Automated communication with clients

Provision of information on generated documents and events in the investment portfolio.

Setting reminders for performing certain activities in the system.

Maintaining an individual schedule of advisor recording and controlling task information.

Access to contact history, submitted recommendations and analysis, as well as executed sales processes.


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