a new level of efficiency

Provide unlimited and automated support for operations in global capital markets. Opt for efficiency of handling all business processes, including:

income from foreign QI instruments
orders and transactions
rights from securities
reports and statements
accounting services

Unlimited investments.

The full potential of the cloud

Innovate your offer — be ready to act when new opportunities arise. Check out what you gain with PROMAK NEXT.


Accelerate the handling of business processes carried out at your brokerage firm.

State-of-the-art solutions

Easily expand functionality and quickly launch new versions of the system.


The costs associated with the use of the system are incurred only for the resources used.


Simple integration with external systems, including stock exchange and accounting systems.


Ability to dynamically adjust system performance on an almost unlimited scale.


High level of automation and simplification of the business service management process.

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PROMAK NEXT is designed to meet today’s and future needs of the financial markets. The system ensures:

Quickly scaling and easily adaptation of the system to current data processing or transaction needs, while maintaining a high level of service availability.

Efficient and automated handling of business processes, easy and fast implementation of new solutions made available as a service.

Uniform and consistent information about clients, taking into account the characteristics of client services, such as the type, scope and categories of services provided.

Safe and efficient handling of market transactions and operations with ongoing control of the progress of individual processes.

Effective handling of foreign dividend taxes fully compliant with the Qualified Intermediary requirements for benefit handling and reporting, allowing for payment optimization.


PROMAK NEXT is a new core system for brokerage offices and firms that takes full advantage of the cloud’s potential. As a result, the new solution is more easily scalable and has almost unlimited possibilities related to the amount of data stored or computing power. At the same time, it provides a high level of security and reduces the vulnerability of the system to possible failures.

Marcin Zaniewicz Expert Business Consultant, Asseco Poland


quality as standard

Increase system performance as your brokerage business grows. Prepare for changing markets and client demands. Act flexibly, quickly implement new solutions. What else does PROMAK NEXT provide?

Integration with front-end systems for handling accounts.
Unified administration and management mechanisms.
Standardization of reporting
Ready-made and modern API for integration with other systems.

New level

investments in the markets

PROMAK NEXT's architecture is based on mini-applications, which allow easy expansion of the solution and quick integration with other products or services, creating one cohesive system for your brokerage firm. Learn about the features of PROMAK NEXT.

Front Office

Investment account agreements.

Orders for the purchase and sale of securities.

Orders to take positions on derivatives market instruments.

Handling public offers.

Client dispositions and discretionary stockbroking orders.

Handling of uncovered orders and credit for the purchase of instruments.

External clients.

Foreign markets.

Middle Office

Communication with stock exchange systems (orders, cancellations, modifications).

Receipt and redistribution order status information.

Receipt information on transactions concluded on the stock exchange.

Online settlement of transactions with account balance updates.

Back Office

Accounting records of securities: chart of accounts, entity account file, settlement of statements with the Central Securities Depository of Poland, operations on securities and realization of the right from securities.

Main ledger bookkeeping: cash accounting, financial operations, securities settlement, handling of bank statements.

Income tax handling for: interest on bonds, redemption of bonds and disposal of securities against payment.



A subsystem for building fully definable reports and statements.

Creation of statements containing any information from the database.

Online information exchange

Communication with the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Central Securities Depository of Poland.

Providing clients with services to communicate with external systems such as banks, as well as integrating an investment account with a bank account.

Access to online quotations.

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