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Choose a system that allows you to reach a wider group of investors than ever before and advise them on how they can multiply their savings.

PROMAK MATE provides a number of easy-to-use tools to facilitate investing. It guides you step by step through the world of finance, verifying your experience, skills and attitude to risk. Based on this knowledge, it offers the best-fit investment model. In this way, it supports your clients in creating a real investment portfolio, updating it and controlling its performance.

What do you gain with PROMAK MATE?

A platform to offer new products to current and potential clients.

A chance to stand out in the market and increase competitive advantage.

Automated and efficient investment process.

A new source of revenue and fully remote client service.

What do your clients gain?

An intuitive tool to increase the chance of multiplying capital.

“Tailor-made” investment proposals and a lowered barrier to entry.

A good alternative to bank deposits and savings accounts.

The freedom and convenience of investing anywhere, anytime.

Investment consulting

for everyone

Provide clients with unlimited stock exchange access. Provide a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use system for investing fully online that works on all devices. Check out what sets PROMAK MATE apart.


Simplification of the entire investment advisory process on the bank and client side.


Ease of use and comfort with UX verification at every design stage.


High level of system reliability and security confirmed by tests.


Compliance with all recommendations of regulatory institutions.


Ability to adjust to the scale of operations and new investor needs.

State-of-the-art solutions

Easy integration and quick implementation of the system within existing solutions.

Smart support

at every
stage of the investment process

With PROMAK MATE, any investor can easily build a “tailor-made” investment portfolio on their own. The system will guide you safely through the world of finance and suggest what to invest in. See how it works.

Investor onboarding

Matching model portfolios

Creating investment simulations

Creating a model portfolio

Recommendations and investment selection

Investor onboarding and investment simulation

PROMAK MATE supports the user in choosing the optimal investment strategy. The service process begins by gathering information about the user to determine, among other things, the user’s preferences and requirements, such as the purpose and horizon of the investment, or propensity for risk. Based on this, the system matches model portfolios and creates simulations of investment performance for each of them, along with hypothetical returns for different scenarios.

Contents of the model portfolio

The next step in the process is to visualize the contents of the investor’s chosen model portfolio. It is based on a top-down approach that allows detailed verification of the investment proposal and comparison of model portfolio structures with the real one. PROMAK MATE presents the user with the mismatches or consistency of the two in an intuitive and simple way, making it easier to make final decisions.

Viewing and accepting the orders cart

To ensure that the investor’s portfolio is consistent with the model portfolio, PROMAK MATE systematically provides the user with investment recommendations in the form of orders to purchase or sell financial instruments. Depending on the type of contract, their acceptance can be done in two ways — automatically or be confirmed each time by the user.

Investment results

PROMAK MATE provides users with a constant view of current results related to the implementation of the investment strategy. Through the system, the profitability of their portfolio can be checked at any time or compare the data to a benchmark. Thanks to the use of modern design and UX verification at every stage of the solution design, the information is presented in a very clear, graphic form.

Effective investment management


PROMAK MATE provides investment company employees with dedicated functions to efficiently manage their client base, model and actual portfolio data and recommendations.

The system provides complete automation of order processing and execution, including handling the transaction settlement process. It also includes the information necessary for valuing client portfolios, their rebalancing, the presentation of achieved rates of return and the relationship of actual investment performance to benchmarks, which is key to ensuring quality service.

Efficient development and simple


What else sets PROMAK MATE apart?

It is open to development and allows the use of portfolios created based on AI and machine learning.

Allows flexible expansion of the data used to build an investment profile.

It works on all Android or iOS devices — from desktop PCs to smartphones.

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