ePROMAK NEXT design thinking

A new approach to investor platform design. Assumptions of the architecture and visual design of the system developed during workshop sessions with investors in accordance with the guidelines of design thinking.

A comprehensive approach

A complete set of services tailored to the investor. A complete picture of the clients’ portfolios, their investment activity, as well as the situation in the financial markets.

Intuitive dashboard

A modern dashboard that presents and groups information according to client priorities. Immediate ability to place an order from anywhere in the system

RWD versatility

Simple investment regardless of where you are and what device you are using. Security and convenience whether using a desktop PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. The same experience regardless of screen size.

Easy expansion

Easy expansion of the system with additional components (e.g., ROBO ADVISORY). User interface independent of local market specifics by using appropriate system architecture and front-end design methodology.


High level of security and reliability through advanced technologies and security mechanisms. Security features confirmed by multiple tests and audits.

Social media

Integrate external and internal news sites and social media channels. Building an investment advantage by providing personalized information.

ePROMAK NEXT has been designed in a completely different way than all our existing solutions. The project was created with the expectations of investors implementing various investment strategies on international trading floors in mind. I can boldly say that as a result of our work we supply the market with a complete product.

Artur Trunowicz Director of the Capital Market Division, Asseco Poland

The architecture of ePROMAK NEXT allows an investor to focus from the very beginning on the implementation of investment objectives and fully use the services offered, without the need for a special training in using the solution. Simple way of presenting information and modern user interface ensure full comfort of work.

Marcin Zaniewicz Business Consultant, Asseco Poland

created with investors

Transparent information architecture on a configurable panel.

Full availability of the most important information necessary for investors.

Optimal presentation of key elements of the investment process.

Designed with the convenience and comfort of both the advanced and novice investor in mind.

Attention to detail and design of each interface element to match the information architecture.


Capabilities of ePROMAK NEXT The ePROMAK NEXT system is a revolutionary development of Asseco’s brokerage systems. However, it differs fundamentally from the versions known so far. The new design, combined with an advanced UX, make it a friendly and unique system for the investor.


Portfolio valuation and information on assets held


Current index quotations

Markets statistics

5 best/worst performing companies

News and social media sites


Portfolio valuation and information on assets held

Historical valuation with the possibility of comparing selected benchmarks

Corporate actions from held securities

Detailed information about the funds in the account

Use of security deposit

Transfer of funds from the account


Active orders

New orders

Order cancellation and modification

Order history

Order details (active and historical)

Market data

Overview of BBO (Best Purchase and Sale offers) quotations and trading prices (Level I) along with session transaction history

Full offers and trading courses package (Level II)

Dynamic chart of instrument quotations (rates and volumes)

Social media

Integration with selected news channels

Social media channels

Ability to define favorite channels

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Capital investments at your fingertips

Do you invest in the stock market?
Do you want unlimited access to your assets?

Choose mPROMAK NEXT — a system that runs on a smartphone and allows you to conveniently manage your capital investments. It also provides remote access to market information.

The mobile investment application offers intuitive navigation that allows easy use of all functionalities while maintaining the highest security standards.

User experience
for investor

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