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Capital investments at any time and place.



PROMAK provides effective support for brokerage houses, trust companies as well as for individual and corporate investors. Modern mobile phones and tablets connected to the Internet and equipped with high-quality software can be extremely effective, safe and easy-to-use tools for managing capital investments. Such possibilities are ensured by PROMAK applications which make full use of the potential of mobile devices and traditional computers linked to the World Wide Web.


Research and development of technologies aimed to provide widespread internet access, even in the most remote corners of the world, are so advanced that today it is more reasonable not to ask “if” but “when” it is going to happen.


This will be certainly appreciated by people who seek unrestrained possibilities of managing their capital investments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; however, on condition they are provided with appropriate software, tailored to the available devices. Sometimes it will be a desktop computer or a laptop, sometimes a tablet or just a mobile phone. With the increasing globalization, investors are gaining more and more opportunities to invest capital. It has become quite a challenge to properly manage capital investments and concurrently obtain optimum results.


It is equally important to provide the investor with comprehensive support in response to their needs, as well as the professional knowledge and experience of the financial institution, so that it can recommend to them an optimally matched investment structure.

About the products

The PROMAK Family includes applications dedicated to mobile devices to fully benefit from their capabilities.


Asseco has developed a suite of four mutually complementary applications designed to work with computers and mobile devices. Their common features are intuitiveness and transparency, which reduce purely mechanical activities related to the use of applications to a minimum. Owing to this, the user can focus all attention on successful investments.

Scale of PROMAK in counts.

Join 100+ businesses already using PROMAK Investor Solution Suite.

  • 650000

    active investment accounts are supported by PROMAK

  • 33

    of all trades conducted on the largest stock exchange in Central and Eastern Europe are processed by PROMAK apps

  • 300000

    customers at one brokerage house use PROMAK apps

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*Our usual reply time is 48 hours.